Improved Wiring

I finished up my custom Super-Pac-Man-cabinet-to-JAMMA wiring harness tonight. I removed all of the unused wires from the JAMMA harness, bundled the necessary wires into wire loom, and sealed the exposed solder connections in hot glue. This really help to unclutter the cabinet and I’m quite happy with how it came out.

Here’s how a connector looks with hot glue sealing it up:

Nothing a little hot glue won't solve...  :)

In addition to protecting the connector from shorting out on exposed metal parts in the cabinet, it also prevents strain on the solder connection. Bob Roberts’ switching power supply harness used this technique and I basically imitated it. If you’re really observant, you might have noticed I switched to a different style of pin header as well. I found a longer strip that could be custom-sized to the exact length I needed instead of using three of them in a row. Using three pin headers in a row would have made the hot glue application much more difficult.

I’m sure I could clean the wiring up a little more, but overall I’m satisfied with it. Here’s how it looks now:

Improved wiring...