Coin Chutes: Before & After

I continued reassembling the coin door and noticed the coin chutes were a bit rusty and dirty. I figured I should clean them too. The under side of the chute was fine, so I just removed the outer cover. I then used a Dremel wire brush attachment to knock off the minor surface rust and then some Mothers Mag & Aluminum Polish to shine them up. Here’s what a clean one looks like next to a non-cleaned one:

One side down, one to go...

…and here’s how they ended up:

Much better!

When the covers were off, the inside of the chutes were exposed so I also cleaned them with the Dremel wire brush. There are also two small rectangular plastic inserts that sit inside the chute and mate up with the outer plastic piece of the door. I cleaned those by removing them and dropping them in a small cup of Simple Green. The inner side of the plastic rectangle is just slightly wider and taller than a quarter so this seemed like the best way to clean it. It worked pretty well because the green cleaning solution had turned nearly black when I checked on it a couple hours later.

Now, I just have to do something about the coin counter.