Intermittent Red Problem Resolved

As I mentioned before, I had an issue where the red color would disappear from the screen. When I installed the cap kit, I looked closely for lifted solder pads. I focused on the pin header where the main PCB connects to the monitor chassis because I found I could provoke the problem by putting a little pressure on the connector. Unfortunately, I didn’t see anything that looked wrong with it. Once everything was reassembled, reds were present on the screen and I figured I had it fixed. Well, playing the game for a short while the following day proved me wrong. I still had an intermittent connection on the red signal.

After testing the monitor cable extensively to rule it out, it was time to pull the monitor chassis out again and inspect it. I figured I would just re-solder all of the pins on the main signal connector, but I really wanted to see if I could spot the problem first. It was tricky to see in bright light–probably due to glare from the shiny solder–but I managed to get a picture of it. This was the culprit:

The reason why red colors occasionally disappeared from the screen.

I probably could have reflowed the existing solder, but instead I used desoldering braid to remove it and then applied new solder. After putting it back together, I tested it out and I’m happy to report the problem is finally resolved. 🙂