Multi Game PCB

I ordered a Programmable Multi Game JAMMA PCB from and I found had a full JAMMA wiring harness for only $10. I noticed they also sell a selection of multi-game PCBs for far less cost than the ArcadeShop multi-game PCB. I was back and fourth deciding which multi-game PCB to buy and finally decided to go with the more expensive ArcadeShop board because it generally gets better reviews in the forums, is more customizable, and has a prettier menu system. I’ve decided not to include the cost of this PCB in the Total Cost section because it’s not really necessary to the project and the cost of the ArcadeShop multi-game PCB alone exceeds the entire cost of the project. (and that sort of depresses me)

I did have a good time assembling a custom Super Pac-Man cabinet to JAMMA harness. It really wasn’t too difficult because the pinouts for JAMMA are an established standard and the pinouts for Super Pac-Man are easily available as well. I bought some connectors to fit the cabinet wiring and soldered the leads from the JAMMA harness to the correct pins in the connectors. Here’s what they look like:

Sound and control harnesses.

Video harness.

Note the arrow on the video harness. It’s pointing to two pins for the negative horizontal and vertical sync signals. I found out these two must be bridged to give the Electrohome G07 monitor the signal it needs to sync the picture when getting output from a JAMMA-connected PCB. Without bridging these two pins, the picture was nearly impossible to stop from rolling on the screen. I really don’t understand monitor circuitry well enough to explain why this is. Here’s some corroborating evidence that helped me out. Also, a big thanks to the monitor experts on the BYOAC forum for helping me spot this subtle detail. I will eventually seal the ends of the connectors to prevent any short circuits, but I was impatient and wanted to try it out.

With the harness assembled, I just had to put it all in the cabinet. The right side of the machine was bare from the factory, so it looked like a perfectly good place to relocate the power supply and install the multi-game PCB. I also reinstalled the old linear power supply, but it’s not hooked up to anything. It’s just there because I have no other good place to store it. Here’s how it looks:

Multi-game installed.

I know, I know… I need to clean up all the wiring I added, but it does work for now. I’ll post some photos or video of the screen soon. It’s pretty slick.