Powder Coating

Probably the most frustrating aspect of this project is getting certain cosmetic items how I want them. One of the major hurdles that caused me to put the project on hold was the coin door. It had some rust underneath the original finish so I completely disassembled the door and stripped it. This left me with a bare metal door. Now… how do I refinish the door and make it look original?

Well, I started with a primer coat and then some black paint. I quickly noticed my new paint job on the door was not going to hold up to actual use. It scratched easily and didn’t have the original textured look I was after. Maybe I should have finished it with clear top-coat, but I wasn’t really thinking about it. I stripped it again and tried some textured paint, but I still didn’t get the look I wanted. I then realized that I should just have the door powder coated. But where…? I shopped around for price quotes from a few shops and didn’t get much response. Shortly thereafter, I lost interest and put it aside.

Well, just last week, I found a place to powder coat the door and it’s finally done. Only cost me $35 and looks just how I wanted it to. The only minor issue is the hinge… powder coating tends to freeze it in place and breaking it free means damaging the powder coat finish. Fortunately, it just resulted in some small pits along the hinge so I’m going to touch them up with some black paint.

The frame.

The door.