Stock coin box acquired…

When it comes to buying stuff, I can be pretty darn impatient. I could have bought a coin box on eBay for around $10 + $3.50 shipping if I had waited a week for the auction to end. Well, I didn’t want to spend a week waiting and hoping no one else would bid the price up. After all, there might be huge demand for vintage Bally/Midway coin boxes in the next five days. 🙄

Anyway, I found a “Buy It Now” auction for a slightly better looking box for $20 + $8 shipping. It will ship today so I’ll probably get it next week.

I’m still trying to justify the extra money I spent, so allow me to explain why this one was (potentially) worth double the price.

Notice the metal clips on one side of it? Yeah, that’s the biggest difference. I believe those clips lock the box into the metal cage. I’m not certain however. I guess I’ll find out when it arrives.

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