Finally found what they look like…

After e-mailing some friends and a few online shops, I finally obtained a picture of the missing Super Pacman coin box. Now that I have a nice new set of coin mechs in place, I need one of these! 🙂

It will sit in the metal cage below the coin door and catch quarters. eBay looks like the easiest place to snag one for under $10. I think the machine will have all of it’s stock parts after I obtain this item.

6,348 thoughts on “Finally found what they look like…

  1. Kib

    Way to go, Matt! It has been fun following your progress. The coin box reminded me that I have 3 cloth bags marked ‘Bally’ that I found some time ago at a garage sale. I assume they’re meant to carry coins? They’re a little light weight for that purpose, not heavy canvas like bank bags. Send me your address & I’ll send them along. Sorry, you’ll have to supply your own quarters!
    Later, Kib

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