Time to think about paint…

I realize the cabinet still needs cleaning, but I’ve been thinking about acquiring the correct paint for it. There’s no getting around the fact that this thing needs a paint job. Obviously, I want to keep it totally stock in appearance so I decided I would get the paint colors computer matched. Luckily, there are only four colors on the cabinet: Dark Blue, Black, Yellow, and Orange.

I first had to provide a quarter ($.25) sized section of clean paint for a sample. I decided to start with the most abundant color: Dark Blue. It wasn’t possible to chip off enough blue paint without doing damage to the plywood, so I just took the entire back door up to the local ACO Hardware store. Yes, some people stared at me, but I think they were just jealous of my heavy wooden door.

The guy behind the counter held the clean section of paint up to a scanner and the computer gave him a list of ingredients. He then mixed some other colors into a quart-sized base color and put it in the shaker. He showed it to me before I paid for it, but honestly it looked WAY too bright. He assured me it would darken as it dried so I decided to take his word for it.

I got home and cleaned up the rest of the back door. I then sanded down the rough spots to get a nice even patten with the wood grain and cleaned it up again. I applied a single coat of paint to some of the more heavily sanded areas. I left a “color matched” section of the board alone so I could compare the new paint with the old. When the paint was wet, it still looked too bright. But, to my utter amazement, it looked absolutely perfect after drying! Here’s a picture I took of it:

The picture is a bit grainy, but it looks incredible in real life. I’m very impressed with paint color matching at ACO Hardware. I have a lot more painting to do, but it’s going to be fun now. 🙂

Here’s the paint code for Dark Blue if you need it:

Total cost of Dark Blue paint & brush: $8.99 + $5.92 = $14.91

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