Missing Coin Mechs

I was looking at the coin door this evening and it suddenly occured to me that the original coin mechs are missing. I don’t know why I didn’t notice this sooner, but no matter. I would have found out quick if I had inserted a coin.

The coin mech is the chamber a coin enters after falling into the coin slot. It weighs the coin and either sends it through a slot that triggers the coin switch or kicks it back to the coin return. Here’s a marked up photo of the inside coin door.

The mechs attach to the middle of the door below the coin slot. I’ll probably go buy some tomorrow at a local distributor.

I’m not very surprised these were missing from the machine. Operators typically remove them before selling these games to private owners because they can reuse them on other games that still need to earn money. This gives me an excuse to buy some new ones anyway. Although it’s not terribly difficult, I wasn’t looking forward to disassembling and cleaning two old mechs from 1982. They probably would have been seized and required a lot of work.